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Here’s Your Chance To Learn A Simple System That ANYONE Can Use

To Break Free of the Dieting and Overeating Cycle,

and Take Back Control of Food and Your Life…

And Say “Yes” To Long Term Weight Loss

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying to lose weight or find peace with food,

or where you are right now!

You CAN Have a Healthy and Comfortable Relationship with Food

and Have the Body and Lifestyle You Love

Announcing Dinneen’s ALL-NEW

Intuitive Eating Success Workshop

A breakthrough 8-week TeleCourse that is guaranteed

to change the way you think about food today,

tomorrow and for the rest of your life…

“Intuitive Eating Success:  Create a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body -- at Last!”

BUT ACT NOW!   This is the ONLY time in 2010 that Dinneen will give you ongoing coaching and support, with this much personal attention WITHOUT having to pay her Private Coaching fees!

Dear Respected Friend,

  1. Are you frustrated with trying so many diets, each one with such high hopes in the beginning, yet you never achieved the real lasting results you were looking for?

  2. Fed up of the diet roller coaster and your love-hate relationship with food (and with your body)?

  3. Do you struggle with eating what you want with what you “should” be eating?

  4. Do you spend your day obsessing over being ‘good’ with your food choices, yet find your willpower always seems to disappear when your life gets chaotic?

  5. Do you sometimes catch yourself overeating, even bingeing, after a stressful day, or at the end of an unsuccessful dieting regime?

  6. Tired of being a slave to diet plans and your ‘love of food’?

  7. Are you frustrated or confused why some diets work well for others but not for you..and wondering what they know that you don’t, maybe even asking, “When is it going to be MY turn?”

   Believe me, I get it!

You watch what you eat, count calories and fat grams, and eat the “good” foods though you secretly wish you could be eating something else (and be slim!)  Despite working your tush off (or trying to!), your eating and dieting is like a roller-coaster –-up one day, week or month, down the next.

But you’ve heard all the rules -- so you eat the low calorie, low fat and ‘good for you’ foods yet you just can’t lose the weight you want, and you don’t always feel in control of food.  Instead you feel like it controls you (and your daily life and schedule).

Yet you continue to ‘do the right thing’ by following some plan.  Eventually you get fed up and tired of it so you eat half a box of cookies (or the whole thing!) and you feel guilty and beat yourself up.  Then it’s back to the boring ‘good for you’ foods. 

Then it hits you again….you’re craving some ice cream.  You tell yourself you’ll just have one bite.  Then it’s two, three…ten…then before you know it half the pint is gone so you figure you might as well finish off the whole thing!

You feel so good eating the ice cream.. Then feel so BAD afterwards.

The Guilt.  The Shame. The Lack of Willpower.

Yet you KNOW there’s a better way.   And I’m here to tell you there is!    

You’ve heard about it – eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full, and taking pleasure in your food.  Sure, sounds good.  You see other people do it but have no idea how to make it work for YOU.

You see others enjoying what appears to be the life of diet-free luxury and ease, so you know it must be possible.  But back in the real world (yours), creating true freedom with food and your body feels more like a carrot on a stick (literally!) – always out of reach – than a dream that could actually come true for you. 

I know it can feel like changing this situation is darned-near impossible.   I’ve been there (more than I’d like to admit).

The truth is, getting off the feast-or-famine, nonstop diet hamster wheel is much simpler than you think

And I can’t wait to show you how…

Take Back Control of Your Food…

I Did it and So Can You!

I overcame my own issues with weight, dieting, food and my body…including overeating, bingeing, using food for comfort, not being ‘relaxed’ around food, to thinking about food all of the time.

But then everything changed.

I overcame it by learning how to eat intuitively – and you can too!

For the last 12 years, I’ve been listening to my body, and doing what some would call “intuitive eating” and I love what it’s done for me, my physical and mental health, and my LIFE.

I’ve personally coached and trained many people from around the world about how to eat intuitively — in the right way for them.

I trained and graduated from at one of the most respected nutrition schools in the world where I learned from people like Geneen Roth (a pioneer in distinguishing the link between emotions and hunger), Dr. Andrew Weil (a world-renown expert on the mind-body connection) among others like Dr. Walter Willet (head of nutrition at Harvard University).

I lived and worked in France where they intuitively already know how to eat. Sure, the French women eat croissants, high-fat foods, red meat, creamy sauces, cheese, butter and other rich, decadent treats.  Yet France’s percentage of overweight women is far less than ours.  Yet, their approach to eating is different than here in the U.S…..they easily and effortlessly manage their portions.  It’s really simple to do once you know the secrets to what they intuitively already know.

You see, while short-term, rapid weight loss programs can work for some, there is a better way to eating (and living!) that is healthy, enjoyable and realistic.

It’s called Intuitive Eating, and it is a long-term approach that helps you create a healthy, guilt-free and balanced eating lifestyle that works.

And I know because it worked for me.

Which is why I’m now offering my brand-NEW Telecourse:

“Intuitive Eating Success: 

Create a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body -- at Last!”

Here's a sampling of what you'll gain from this eight-part telecourse...

  1. The ONE simple practice that can help you accelerate your weight loss faster than any other technique out there

  1. The SIMPLE eating guidelines that when followed, eliminate the need for diets

  1. The one attitude everyone MUST have to achieve their weight loss with success and love your body at any size

  1. The KEY to refining a way of eating that is tailored to your body, feelings, and life

  1. How to enjoy each bite of food and each moment in life with equaled passion - no matter what "triggers" appear at your doorstep

  1. How to END the "Who am I to deserve this?" syndrome that's likely keeping you from creating the healthy body that is your birthright

  1. Practices for becoming the director of your inner "voices"

  1. The exact guidelines to discover if you're really hungry, what you're hungry for, and to bring complete awareness to what you are eating

  1. How to begin creating lasting peace with food, even if you've been dieting for years (this one tip alone can honestly change your life!)

  1. How to uncover your automatic response to emotions - and how to steer it AWAY from food.

  1. ...and more!

The way you eat and the way you feel about yourself will be miraculously transformed.

How do I know?

  I overcame it by learning how to eat intuitively — and you can too.

But don’t just take my word for it....see what other people have said:

“I am the happiest I have ever been”

I was a typical yo-yo dieter, losing then gaining weight, only the start the cycle all over again.  I’d lose the weight, then eventually overeat, and gain it all back.  Talk about frustrating!  

Then I found Dinneen. She has changed my life.

Without Dinneen's constant support, messages and communication I wouldn't have been as successful in where I am going in my life. I have a totally new perspective and respect for myself, my body, and the food that I feed it. I am learning to listen to my body, reconnecting with my body in that I am aware of what I am eating, how I am eating, and what I am eating. I have found the peace, balance, and moderation which I so desperately craved for so many years.

I don't know what I would be without the help, support and guidance of Dinneen. From the bottom of my heart I owe her so much.

I am the happiest I have ever been and I have complete faith that I will get to where I am going in life in regards to my career, body, pursuit of balance and overall enjoyment.

Thank you Dinneen.  You have not only changed my relationship with food, but also my life!

Michelle Gay Fremantle, Western Australia


Here’s Just Some of What Intuitive Eating Will Do For You:

  1. You’ll break free of the “diet drama” and diet mindset and walk on a path of easy nutrition so you can enjoy eating again, and feeling guilty will soon be something of the past

  2. You’ll learn how to listen to your body -- to recognize the signals of true hunger, how to honor emotional hunger vs physical hunger and eat only when you’re hungry -- in a way that is flexible, fun and easy

  3. You'll be in charge of what you eat, instead of falling victim to what the latest study or "fad diet of the week" tells you to do

  4. You'll be able to balance your eating habits, empowering your body to do what comes naturally, fuel your metabolism, get your cravings under control and wipe out overeating and bingeing forever

  5. You'll pick up priceless strategies that will allow you to finally overcome emotional eating and other crippling obstacles – for life

“She praised me and encouraged me”

I had been on my weight loss journey since January and had lost about half of what I needed to get to goal. And then I had a phone appointment with Dinneen.

From the moment she said 'Hello?'  I knew then that everything would be alright. From the first syllable she uttered, I heard her spirit and personality instantly shine through.

Dinneen has a warm & caring spirit and is unbelievably knowledgeable and really listens. But most importantly, her desire to help is genuine.

I truly believe that for someone to really help you (in whatever you struggle with) that person really has to learn the art of listening and to practice patience. Dinneen was a master at both. She let me speak freely, expounding on what I had learned. She praised me and encouraged me. I was given suggestions without any pushiness.  I was able to take even more nuggets of wisdom about weight loss and about myself that will help me along this journey.

I always knew that I would be constantly learning on this path that I chose but it really goes to show that having a good teacher and leader will also help you move along the way.

Dinneen - Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Much love and respect,

Diana Deleon


Here’s what you get when you order now:

  1. Bullet8  sessions of 75-minutes each week -- of highly informative content delivered personally by Dinneen (value: $765 )

  2. BulletQuestion and Answer opportunities on every call  (value: $125)

  3. BulletAn opportunity to share and learn from others like you who are also applying the Intuitive Eating and Eat Without Guilt principles into their life (value: priceless)

  4. BulletPersonalized feedback and guidance for your individual needs  (value: $175)

  5. BulletThe freedom of taking the course from wherever you choose (as it’s done over the phone)– no driving, sitting in traffic.  You do it in the privacy of your own home.   Hey, you can even come with your pajamas!

  6. BulletRecordings Of ALL Calls:  Even if you can't make all the live calls, there's no reason not to register.  Each call will be recorded so that you can listen in later.  If you're the kind of person who gets so much more from a class the second time (I know I do!), you'll be able to listen in as much as you want.  (value: $125)

  7. BulletI’ll also share with you some of the secrets I learned while living in France (for over 5 years), and how those healthy, happy French women eat intuitively, eat without guilt, yet keep a healthy weight while enjoying wonderful foods! (value: a trip to France!)

Plus – a few bonuses:

  1. BulletBONUS: You get materials, handouts, and checklists for each module in this groundbreaking series.  These are some of the same materials that one of the original founders Intuitive Eating uses with her clients!  And ones I use to keep myself on track and in positive harmony with food and my body  (value: $75)

  2. BulletONE MORE BONUS:  A PRIVATE Session with me - You'll have the opportunity to ask me questions directly and have YOUR food and weight loss issues answered!  ($125)


What’s this all worth to you?

  1. How much is your overall health worth to you?

  2. What would it mean to you to have lasting weight-loss AND a balanced attitude towards food?

  3. How much is your happiness and peace of mind worth to you?

  4. How much is your self-confidence, self-image and self control worth to you?

  5. How much is the freedom you’ll have not only with food, but also with your life?

  6. How much is your family’s happiness worth to you?

I’m sure the answer is far more than anything we could charge here, most likely the answer to all of these is “Priceless”

The investment in the Intuitive Eating Success Eating program, a huge value is right now ONLY $197, This is a tiny fraction of what you will receive when you make dramatic improvements in the most important parts of your life right now.

I can promise you this telecourse will NOT be repeated again at this low price. And I will NOT be holding this class again for at least six months -- or ever again. 

And it is entirely likely I will never offer this program for this kind of investment again.  So take advantage and take part now as you will not see this incredibly low investment anytime this year (or ever!).

So this is your only chance to learn my intuitive eating secrets.

“ After decades of being overweight - I have lost over thirty pounds”

After decades of being overweight, I was diagnosed with diabetes and found myself afraid, desperate and wanting to make changes for my health but having no idea where to turn, especially after failing at "dieting" for so long.

Dinneen was the first person who helped me begin to understand that there was another way out there.

I have lost over thirty pounds, trained to run several 5k races (after not running for over 18 years!), have my blog featured on Alltop's Diabetes forum and have actually inspired OTHERS towards health and fitness.

I never would have thought that all this was possible, but Dinneen's warm, nonjudgmental approach and support have gone a long way in helping me to make permanent, sustainable change in my health and body as well as my mind. I will be forever grateful!!

Susan Ito, California


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Then I can’t wait to have you in the Intuitive Eating Success Telecourse.  Register right now and I’ll welcome you!  I can’t wait to help you have YOUR success.

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The crazy diet season is almost upon us, with its promise of a slimmer, more beautiful, more confident you.  And of course with very little effort on your part.  You can get back into shape with a 10-day detox, lose 4 pounds in a week, drop a dress size in just 14 days...

It's the HOPE we cling to...

The dream that if we just lose weight... everything will fall into place.

It's the dream the diet industry sells us, not the reality.  And what do we actually get?

Months of deprivation and self-control in exchange for weight loss (if we do it properly) which, give it a month or two (or maybe a little longer if we're really good), will all come piling back on, plus a few extra pounds for good measure!

Don't be hooked in by the false promises this year.

Do something which will give you what you’re really looking for:  lasting weight-loss and a balanced attitude to food.

So go ahead and register right now…. and I’ll see you at the TeleCourse!

To Your Intuitive Eating Success,


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Don’t tell let another month, Season, or Year pass you by.  Isn’t it worth it to feel good in your body, and be able to eat intuitively and without guilt AND lose weight?  This is your chance to feel better, be more comfortable about your ability to reach your goals.

I , Dinneen, hereby certify that the testimonials presented are true and genuine. The names, pictures and testimonials are of real people and not “photobucket” or paid “fake people.”  I take great pride in helping people achieve their goals and improve their lives.  

Dinneen Diette, MBA, CHC

Dinneen Is a Health Coach Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a graduate of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

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I’m excited to learn just how easy it is to finally break through my dieting and weight loss “stuck points”, to stop overeating, and have a satisfying and comfortable relationship with food…and to have more than I dreamed of out of my life!  
I’m ready to reserve my spot in your Intuitive Eating Success Telecourse NOW!

With the Intuitive Eating Success system in place, you’ll feel good in your body, be relaxed around food, and you’ll be able to eat whatever you want without feeling guilty or worrying about whether you’re doing it right.    All you have to do is say YES to yourself, your body, and your freedom!  

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